Wednesday, May 9, 2012

who would have thought i was going to put more crap on this website?

 Karen practice outside.
we shot a video of this but lost the footage.
so it goes.

 i did this sound piece for art murmer last month.
they changed the way i set it up and it made a huge difference to me. didnt document it as well as i should have but i can set it up anytime i want and i probably will cus it makes a nice fat droooone.

 i spent 24 hours in 4 days covering this thing with dots and had two dreams over two continuous nights with no physical sensation except i was in a flat plane of white covered in black dots.
it was awesome.
 karen prax

we made a fire in the living room out of the drawing we made.
we ended up putting it in the oven a couple times to get the crayons to melt more.
after a few tries of it not working, we got around to building a fire on top of it, but the fire consumed the drawing and so it was.

i want to make a fire in your living room again.